ETR Truck & Trailer Repair

ETR Truck & Trailer Repair (Red Deer) were not wishing to use their capital during Covid, they realized that they were wasting money on power while needing more light because of their old T5HO fluorescent lights.

CO2 reduction*
8.536074 tonnes


Power Savings*
11,230.207 kWH

*estimated values for ETR Truck & Trailer Repair since September 1, 2021

Solution Implemented

Using our payment program there net savings more then paid for the new LEDs while adding a lot more light in the shop.

  • Project Lifetime: 20 yrs
  • Implementation Costs: $8,653.98


Approximate Client Savings

After 2.85 years ETR Truck and Trailer Repair is expected to earn back all of their implementation cost. After that they are are expecting to enjoy $209.74 as monthly profit for remaining lifetime of project.

Date completed

July 1st, 2021

Installation Cost


Project Lifetime

20 yrs

Expected ROI


Energy Efficiency


Monthly Power Savings


Lifetime Savings


Alberta ERS Incentive


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